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Operating System for your
business and customer

Interactions with AI Agents

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  • Lattic.ai Platform OS

  • A new way for
    your customers
    to interact

  • Digital Consumer experiences
    are going to change and
    experience AI

  • Enable

    Your customer interaction with AI

  • Engage

    With your customers more efficiently

  • Evolve

    Convert Visitors to customers

  • Video Demo

    Digital Consumer experiences are going to change and experience AI

    • Get started with use-cases

    • Lead Generation

      Quickly capitalize on new leads, turning interest into action.

    • Customer Engagement

      Unparalleled, personalized and more intelligent customer interations.

    • Product Education

      Tailored awareness to cater to the uniqueness of each customer.

    • Demo Requests

      Simplify customer conversion with AI Agent. Effortlessly guide users from interest to engagement, making the process smooth

    • Ecommerce Experience

      Product recommendations, research, upselling, cross-selling, retention, product tracking

    • Customer Onboarding

      Create a personalized onboarding journey for your customers, offering tailored guidance and resolving queries on the go.

      Here's How Lattis.ai works

    • 1

      Onboard your business

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    • 2

      Configure Knowledge Base

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    • 3

      Publish/Integrate to your application

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